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Monday 1 December 2014

Samsung to launch Tizen O.S : Why South Korean giant Samsung choose India?

Samsung is going to launch Tizen new mobile o.s in India on new sub-$100 smartphone. They had a plan to launch it in Russia but they scrap the plan. Samsung mostly device are running android o.s platform. Android is responsible for their recent success over Apple. They thoroughly enjoyed selling their overprice devices but cheap compare to Apple iPhone. But now they are coming up with their own Tizen operating System.

Why they choose specifically India?

India had a huge market which is not still explored totally so they had huge opportunity to reach out million of customer with their Tizen mobile operating. Its kind of beta phase and they don't want to cost their prime customer in USA and Europe with developing O.S. Indian are pretty much price sensitive and they will buy Tizen loaded device with $100 (INR 6000). In recent survey, its stated that Indian smart phone user prefer low end and cheap device and they never complain about quality of product. And Samsung choose rightly this point and in the mean time they will try to improve Tizen before they go to USA or Europe.

There is section in India which has capability of purchase high end phone and those will not give a shit to $100 Tizen phone.

Its will be good to see weather Samsung can survive without Android !

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