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This blog is completely dedicated to all struggle programmer. We tried our best to provide you solution with your daily to daily problems but we does not guarantee to all. This blog is purely based of our experience and does not reflect any organization view.
We all developer. The owner of this blog is Sameer Ahmad. Who's is passionate developer and blogger. He's active member of stack over flow and other forum. We welcome all writer who interested to give opinion.
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Auther : Tofeeq Ahmad
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Auther : Sameer Ahmad

Address : 25 A, second floor, Mayur Vihar Phase 3 New Delhi

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  1. Can i have your contact details.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes i have my twitter account added in contact me section. You can message me or contact me over there.Or directly see my profile on Google +

  3. Hi Ahmed, send you mail id please my mail id

  4. hi,, can u do a favor for me? as i am in need for ur help.
    could u do an example of viewpager within a popupwindow like in the maps app(android tablet).
    as an example, once the Menu -> My Places was clicked, the My Places popupwindows will appear which contains the viewpager and listView such as Offline, Recent, and etc

    thank you

  5. Hi I am one of daily follower of this blog . I need your help. I am searching for pie or bar charts in android (with or without using libraries) since 2 weeks but cant got a perfect solution. Please help me with solution plz as early as possible.
    Or if possible mail me on Thanks.

    1. Post your query on Tech Trainner. I will give you reply, or we can chat overthere


Feedback always help in improvement. If you have any query suggestion feel free to comment and Keep visiting my blog to encourage me to blogging

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