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Wednesday 27 July 2016

Release of Blackberry DTEK50 powered by android, survival effort

In 2010 Blackberry lost top spot to iPhone and since then only downfall of blackberry continues. There was a time when thumb injury cause by blackberry phone was named blackberry injury.
No hardware can match blackberry in the field of security. Now blackberry has decide to launch their feature combine with android o.s. being a fan of android and blackberry I am very happy to see this news. Blackberry is launching BlackBerry DTEK50.
Blackberry will possibly be lauded will latest android version Nougat.

DTEK50, The World’s Most Secure Android™ Smartphone Keeps the private details of your life safe.


Fully Android
Access to over a million apps from Google Play
5.2” scratch resistant display
Intelligent Keyboard
Convenience Key
8MP front camera with flash and 13MP auto-focus rear camera
2TB microSD card support
BlackBerry Security that protects the private details of your life from being hacked

Extra Features - BlackBerry MP-12600 Mobile Power Charger, a high capacity portable charger that powers all your mobile devices to maximize your productivity and play time.
Release date
The bundle is expected to start shipping the week of August 8th 2016

Price Estimated Total Incl. VAT: £294.58

Monday 18 July 2016

Evolving android, points where Google android sucks because of OEM

 I was thinking a lot lately that Google is working hard to provide user a great android experience. Google is launching new fixes on monthly basis, launching a new version almost every year with ton of new features. But if we see distribution of android version over the phone market, we will be stunned by statistics. Many android customer have outdated version of android.

Some OEM believes in concept of loading hardware and software once in a lifetime like Micromax, Chinese mobile maker while most OEM only providing update to their premium phones or say flagships.

This approach is killing Google Android. I admit providing software update to existing hardware takes lot of money which OEMs don’t want to do for cheap phones. Only flagship which meant to bind with their reputation is their priority. Unlike iPhone its very hard to bring OEM and Google at same level while providing update

Look at current android distribution. Almost 70% percent of market is occupied by Kitkat and lower version of android while Google announced a new android nougat to be launch soon. I presume only some phone with Lollipop have possibility to get update of android nougat. So again the gap will only increase over the time

Who is suffering?

Obliviously android and its user are the one who suffer most by this. Android’s team hard work and latest update are not reaching to millions of users, on the hand people are willing to move but they bound by limitations of their OEM. Eventually android suffers in the whole process


For current market strategies, competition is so high to sell devices for android manufacture that they are not going to pay attention on hardware which can support some level upgrade for new android version. Their only purpose is to sell android phone. So one solution is customer will have to buy new android phone every year.
Second possible solution is OEM should do minimum changes in android source so that they will prepare new upgrade for their existing customers at minimum cost. But this will wipe out the creativity and diversity in android market


Sunday 17 July 2016

Android Nougat Developer Preview Multi Window Support in application

Android didn't have support for running multiple activities and application in a single screen. Android phone screen was used only by single App. Even though some OEM like Samsung was supporting this on their level by customising android source code.

But now android officially supported multi window features. On handheld devices, two apps can run side-by-side or one-above-the-other in split-screen mode. On TV devices, apps can use picture-in-picture mode to continue video playback while users are interacting with another app.Lets discuss how developer has to cope with new changes

Types of  Multi-window Support 

  • Split screen Mode - In this mode, the system fills the screen with two apps, showing them either side-by-side or one-above-the-other. The user can drag the dividing line separating the two to make one app larger and the other smaller.
  • Picture in Picture Mode - On Nexus Player running Android N, apps can put themselves in picture-in-picture mode, allowing them to continue showing content while the user browses or interacts with other apps.
  • FreeForm Mode - Manufacturers of larger devices can choose to enable freeform mode, in which the user can freely resize each activity. If the manufacturer enables this feature, the device offers freeform mode in addition to split-screen mode.

Configuring Your App for Multi-Window Mode  Android Multi-window support provide attributes to customise your application 

  • android:resizeableActivity - True or False decide either you want your app to support Multi-Window
  • android:supportsPictureInPicture - Boolean value decide this feature is supported or not. This attribute is ignored ifandroid:resizeableActivity is false.
  • Layout attributes - Layout width, height can  decide how much minimum space your app required to run.You can query either your application  running in picture in picture mode or running in Mult-Window support

Thursday 14 July 2016

Google Assistance Android Nougat, Ambitious project of google in 2016

Allo, a smart messaging app

Allo is a smart messaging app that makes your conversations easier and more expressive. It’s based on your phone number, so you can get in touch with anyone in your phonebook. And with deeply integrated machine learning, Allo has smart features to keep your conversations flowing and help you get things done.


 Duo, a video calling app for everyone

Duo is a simple, fast one-to-one video calling app for everyone—whether you’re on Android or iOS, a fast or slow connection, in New York or New Delhi. Like Allo, Duo is based on your phone number, allowing you to reach anyone in your phonebook. And its simple interface fades away when you’re in a call, so it’s just the two of you.

Google Home Always on call.

Google Home is a voice-activated home product that allows you and your family to get answers from Google, stream music, and manage everyday tasks.

Note – Image shown in this article are taken from google so we don’t have any right over these image.

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