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Monday 22 December 2014

Fun time : Five reason to hate beautiful android

Everyone around me having android in their hand

Off course everyone around me have android in their hand and i am fed up of being one of them. I want to look different so i am switching to costly iPhone which gonna change my status among people around. Even its easy to be identify, people generally say "Ohh you'r talking about guy with iPhone".

Android is open source and vulnerable to security of personal data

Even i don't care if somebody try to explain me that android is no less secure than windows and ios. I am smart enough to secure my personal data even i don't have any. I like apple annoying pop up for asking permission again and again.

I don't like customization of home screen in android

Come on we are using smartphone so why to allow user to customize home screen ? I like rigid way of iPhone and windows. I don't like change at all so i love iOS and windows

Being a philanthropist i always support sinking ship

I was big fan of android when Google launch it. But when i see iOS start dying and windows crawling, i almost cry that day. Then i decided no matter what android do, i will support windows and iOS. Even i continue forced my all relative to use expensive iOS untill they kick on my ass.

I hate android for no reason

OK ! I am free to do what i want, so do i hate damn beautiful android and its huge app market.
Note : This article is written for fun. Keep this in mind

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