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Here is the all sample source code that i have posted on this blog.You can directly download from here. I will keep updating this page. One day i have a dream to make huge collection of code that will cover every aspect of android to help all learning students and developer.

  • Action Bar With Fragment. Its one of most popular article of Tech Trainner

  • Custom Alert box, which provide the control to use according to your need. Sample will how to remove title also

  • Sample address the issue of drawing anything (it draws line) over Google Map using overlay concept.

  • Similar to Above concept of Overlay. This sample teach you to draw a shape on Google Map.

  • Most popular article on Google Search. I am proud of this Article. Download for Expandable ListView Example

  • Loader Manager, It distinct it self from other blogger post on Loader, Because everyone talk about Cursor Loader. Here i teach how to return custom object.

  • Download Google Map API v2 sample with Step by step procedures in tutorials.

  • Download Manager.

  • Action bar with Tab example.

  • Sliding Panel Layout Example with Left to right Sliding of Window.

  • Sliding Drawer simples example.

  • Start Making your Video Recording Application. It is integration of Camera and surfaceView

  • Fragment integration with Viewpager

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Feedback always help in improvement. If you have any query suggestion feel free to comment and Keep visiting my blog to encourage me to blogging

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