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Thursday 25 July 2013

New features in Android 4.3 Jelly Bean for developer perspective

Yesterday the most awaited update goes on public of android Jelly bean. Everyone was anticipating new update from Google android. Even next version Key Pie Lime also seems to be in Queue. But having this strong update helps a lot for developer and end of day to user
Lets have a look on some new  feature

Faster smoother and More Responsive
Every android update start from this. But really google worked hard to improve the responsiveness of android which already very good. Actual effect will be realize after update only.  Google says Android 3.0 build on a performance improvement included in Jelly Bean - Vsync timing, triple buffering and reduce latency, CPU input boost. 
4.3 improved windows buffer allocation which result in faster image buffer allocation and reduce time in rendering 

Your application May misbehave 
if your app uses implicit intents..
  Because of restricted profile update environment, your application may mis behave so go to android     developer to make it correct.
if your app depends on accounts for the same above reason

Restricted Profile environment 
Any accounts added to the primary user are available to a restricted profile, but the accounts are not accessible from the Account Manager APIs by default. If you attempt to add an account with Account Manager while in a restricted profile, you will get a failure result

Wireless and Connectivity Update
4.3 version allow many wireless and connectivity updates. Android now supports Bluetooth Blow Energy with new API. Wifi Scan only mode allow user to obtain correct location without draining 

Multimedia Updates

MediaExtractor and MediaCodec has been enhance on great level to support developer. Media DRM is another update from android 4.3 Jelly Bean. Video encoding from a surface  are the topic need to be explore by android developer

Some User interface has been added like ViewGroupOver and Optical bound layout. Some screen orientation has been added. TV scan support are excellent now. Improved support of accessibility services and Notification manager

Some new language are added in localization like Hindi etc

Reference for Information and Images

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