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Wednesday 27 July 2016

Release of Blackberry DTEK50 powered by android, survival effort

In 2010 Blackberry lost top spot to iPhone and since then only downfall of blackberry continues. There was a time when thumb injury cause by blackberry phone was named blackberry injury.
No hardware can match blackberry in the field of security. Now blackberry has decide to launch their feature combine with android o.s. being a fan of android and blackberry I am very happy to see this news. Blackberry is launching BlackBerry DTEK50.
Blackberry will possibly be lauded will latest android version Nougat.

DTEK50, The World’s Most Secure Android™ Smartphone Keeps the private details of your life safe.


Fully Android
Access to over a million apps from Google Play
5.2” scratch resistant display
Intelligent Keyboard
Convenience Key
8MP front camera with flash and 13MP auto-focus rear camera
2TB microSD card support
BlackBerry Security that protects the private details of your life from being hacked

Extra Features - BlackBerry MP-12600 Mobile Power Charger, a high capacity portable charger that powers all your mobile devices to maximize your productivity and play time.
Release date
The bundle is expected to start shipping the week of August 8th 2016

Price Estimated Total Incl. VAT: £294.58

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