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Sunday 3 November 2013

Google Android KitKat 4.4 exploring new feature and update for developer in latest release

Google bring more powerful, more innovative android version KitKat 4.4. It went for release after many rumor and speculation.  Read Android KitKat 4.4’s feature forConsumers.

  • Google attempt to reach to billion in faster, smoother and responsive way

Keeping minimum requirement of RAM for 512 MB, was challenge for Google Android KitKat for running smoothly on lower memory devices. That lead to many memory optimization technique and process. Google Android KitKat 4.4 help you to create innovative, responsive and memory efficient application. Dalvik JIT code cache tuning, kernel samepage merging (KSM), swap to zRAM, and other optimizations help manage memory. New configuration options let OEMs tune out-of-memory levels for processes, set graphics cache sizes, control memory reclaim, and more.

“A new API, ActivityManager.isLowRamDevice(), lets you tune your app's behavior to match the device's memory configuration”  Google Android stated in documentation of KitKat

Protocol Tool and Meminfo tool is used to enhanced application memory utilization

  • Android 4.4 introduces new  platform  for secure NFC-based  transaction through  Host Card Emulation (HCE)

  •          New Framework for Printer  and storage  files

Printer cloud System
Android can print now any kind of content over Wi-Fi or cloud hosted service such Google cloud Print. Google gives manufacture as well as developer to add printing API. Client apps can use new APIs to add printing capabilities to their apps with minimal code changes. In most cases, you would add a print action to your Action Bar and a UI for choosing items to print.
New storage Framework allow you develop a client app that manages files or documents, you can integrate with the storage access framework just by using new CREATE_DOCUMENT or OPEN_DOCUMENT intents to open or create files — the system automatically displays the standard UI for browsing documents, including all available document providers. 

  • Low power sensors 

Android KitKat 4.4 introduces hardware sensor batching which is new optimization technique  which reduce power consumption.

Tools to beautification your app in new way :)

Full screen immerse mode to give user more space by disabling status bar notification and hardware button introduces in KitKat
Transitions framework will allow you to animate changes to your UI on the fly, without needing to define scenes. For example, you can make a series of changes to a view hierarchy and then have the TransitionManager automatically run a delayed transition on those changes. 
Translucent system UI styling and enhance notification access will help you to beautify your app and later will help you to enhance notification access

Graphics and render script  improve the performance compare to previous version

Just see comparison chart your self.
Now you can take advantage of RenderScript directly from your native code. A new C++ API in the Android Native Development Kit (NDK) lets you access the same RenderScript functionality available through the framework APIs, including script intrinsics, custom kernels, and more.

New type of connectivity and accessibility are other part which are introduces and improved.

New Media support and Memory analyzer tool are the other. New tool called procstats will help developer to analyze the memory resources your app uses, as well as the resources used by other apps and services running on the system.

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