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Thursday 14 March 2013

How to improve your concentration while developing software, mobile application?

Being software developer is a pain full situation when we want to focus but fail to focus. In most cases we misjudge our ability and caliber. We start criticize our self for what we should responsible. We forget that we are human being and we born to commit mistakes. We born to learn from our mistake. As a mobile application developer, i have gone through the same situation many times. Every time i try to avoid with some set of rules and principles that worked for me. So let share with each among us

Always leave on time
Generally people thinks that working for longer hours will increase your performance at works. But it never does as i feel. Developing a software is not physical work, so you can not work until your mind is not active. Sitting for more hours will drain your brain and stop thinking. It need quality time rather than being sitting for longer hours. So try to leave on time, yes indeed if you need any urgency and have to work for client late then sitting for more hours does not harm. But it should be a fashion. leaving on time will make you more focus because you have to complete task with in the time

Plan one thing at a time
A CPU can execute million of calculation with in milliseconds but nothing is creative. We have a human mind, we have some limitation and some exceptional abilities. Give half an hour in morning for planning. Allocate task to yourself, divide expected time and start working. Do not spend too much time on a particular thing and continue work till the day end. Now observe what you have completed. If you fail to do something than find the reason, but do not switch on panic button.

Take short break
Stand up from chair every two hours. Take some walk for 2 minute, drink water and again start working. It will relax your brain muscles and boost your concentration for coming two hours. Believe it increase my output 20 %. And most importantly it reduce bug from software i made. In break you can talk to your colleague, it will help you to maintain healthy relationship. But do not misuse break. I call this break, break for bugs


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