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Monday 3 December 2012

Android game development : Moving or scrolling background

In game development in android, before we go further let have a look what we had achieved

    1) Basic science of game programming
    2) Creating surface to draw
    3) Creating dynamic object on surface and moving them

But in general , every game does not move their character much . They moves their background. But when a person plays, its seems everything is moving around. In android we draw an background with one bitmap.  And we start slowly moving background. This is important part game development.

Suppose one's want to develop a game in which, one's have one actor who's running all the way. Then real game scenerio will be like that

  • Animate actor on same place
  • Move the background in opposite direction

Moving background is quite simple, we scroll one image to some position and same image's another instance to respective direction to cover the space left by first one. and so on.......
This process need same image to draw continueously two times to fill the gap and never ending scrolling or moving of background

Look at the respective code in which backGround bitmap is background of canvas.....

  * Draws current state of the game Canvas.
 private int mBGFarMoveX = 0;
 private int mBGNearMoveX = 0;

 private void doDrawRunning(Canvas canvas) {
  // decrement the far background
  mBGFarMoveX = mBGFarMoveX - 1;
  // decrement the near background
  mBGNearMoveX = mBGNearMoveX - 4;
  // calculate the wrap factor for matching image draw
  int newFarX = backGround.getWidth() - (-mBGFarMoveX);
  // if we have scrolled all the way, reset to start
  if (newFarX <= 0) {
   mBGFarMoveX = 0;
   // only need one draw
   canvas.drawBitmap(backGround, mBGFarMoveX, 0, null);
  } else {
   // need to draw original and wrap
   canvas.drawBitmap(backGround, mBGFarMoveX, 0, null);
   canvas.drawBitmap(backGround, newFarX, 0, null);


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  1. First of: thanks for this!

    Ive been trying to reverse the direction of movement. I get it to move in the other direction but the updates on the left side of the screen is of, could you help me out?

    also, what is the use of mBGNearMoveX?

  2. mBGNearMoveX is to move background to left in current scene and mBGFarMoveX is to draw one time when previous image is over , this will not give the blank for first time

  3. sir.. em having trouble putting the background into my game. can you help me?

  4. Its really not easy to explain you without knowing your issue. Please download example and try to run it

  5. how do you add buttons on this moving wallpaper ? and how do you make it full screen my imagedoes not make it full screen

  6. These are not buttons, but you can add anything using canvas. you can draw as layer. See other example of Game developments on same blog

  7. Thanks, i got it working. But this solution seems to be really heavy to run, lowers the FPS from >55 to between 30-40. Something you noticed?

  8. Good to hear that. Yea it become slow if FPS goes on increasing as it used basic canvas. you can go for open GL if your game is complex and use high quality images. And you can support my cause by downloading my applications


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