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Thursday 27 September 2012

Career as Mobile Application Developer

There was a time when smartphone was limited to business man, as technology advances mobile change the circumstance of all trends and become so popular in all age of people. We can not think to live without a mobile that does not have social networking, Email, Location base services or M-Commerce application like Paying bills etc.

Mobile take the games like Temple Run, Angry Bird on a new high notes and ensure the safety and growth of people related to mobile application development. 2012 is witnessing a new growth level in mobile development, new player had come into competition and a lot more to come

Market Status and Industry Status - Mobile application market is growing rapidly and gaining popularity as emerging job opportunities market. If we talk about just India then its third fastest growing market for android app. Let have look on India statistics As per Gartner report, India's active mobile connections will exceed 900 million by 2016, which translates to 72% penetration. According to Trai in January 2012 the number of active mobile connections in India has reached 659.99 million and the total mobile subscriber base stands at 903.72 million.

This is just about one country USA, China and every other country are growing at rapid pace in smart phone mobile user either iPhone or android or windows Phone or blackberry. If we think as developer, then these are the excellent opportunities

Growth Areas - This booming industry is struggling to get quality developers who have ideas and creativity. Go to any job site and you will observe the number of jobs that come under the M-VAS industry. Here the demand and supply ratio is inadequate and industry is looking for talented professionals. Planning a career in this industry will surely be a good move.
As it can be seen, there is more demand than supply because there aren't enough good mobile developers. As mobile phone companies look to attract users through applications, the demand for application developers is growing and will grow.

growth as individuals are also have great chance .Imagine how much you are going to earn if you make a game like angry bird on any platform either android or iPhone

Skill-sets required - It  slightly varied and depends for which platform you want to develop an application for android it need knowledge of java for iPhone you should be good enough in objective C. But overall we can say, one wants to become a mobile app developer, one would need to be proficient in a programming language such as C, C++, Objective C for writing applications on iOS (iPhone, iPad) or Java (Android, Blackberry OS)

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