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Saturday 16 June 2012

Game Development Part I - Basic of Mobile Game Development

Game development is tricky task to start with. Specially if we are doing game development in mobile then we have to deal with some constraint like

1) Dealing with limited system configuration
2) Dealing with limited and small screen size and graphics

So these two constraint will applied for every mobile game developer . We will take it as  a challenge not a constraint.I am going to post a complete series including some game demo at last until you become a mobile game developer. Initially article are not related to any specific platform like iPhone, Android, Window but in later article i will focus on Android Game Development

Before start making a killer game in android we will focus what basic we need to learn first. Game development is much different from business application.
To be a game developer we need to be good -

1)Physics                         2) Coordinate

Today we will discuss about coordinate system of phone and how it differ from plane system to which we are more aware.

Plane coordinate system that we study in our education system contain origin, and two side other then origin. So we can go into positive direction or in negative direction. Look at figure

In plane we can move in three direction, if  we are moving along any axis, then following will be the cases

1) Move on x axis -> increase/decrease value of x , y will remain same
2)Move on y axis  -> increase/decrease value of y,  x will remain same
3)Move on both axises -> increase/decrease value of both axis as required

distance between two point on plane..if we have one initial point from where we start movement and final point where we stop our movement then simply we used -

where dx=x2-x1; and dy=y2-y1; where (x1,y1) and (x2,y2) are two points
this is how plane work.

But while we are handling plane or say mobile screen then we have way to move only in two way although we can move in every direction but it will not be visible so our above image will change to following

So if we move our object from above the screen then it will be invisible.
Let an example of racing game, We kept our Car object always static and move our background track accordingly, its so fast and smooth that user feel that his/her car is moving to avoid obstacle .
If we are making racing game then our movement will like this

For Creating simple shape read this Basic Shape in coordinate

Ready for next article  how to create surface to draw some shape using view. Please never forget to keep your feedback here


  1. Mobile game development is definitely one of the hottest emerging fields around. The latest mobile devices have changed the way we communicate and entertain, making mobile application developers one of the fastest growing IT careers.

    1. Yes definitely..its emerging trend. So i think to focus on this


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