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Saturday 21 April 2012

How to write a good resume

Resume is face of any employee.Generally while we are writing resume we commit a lot of mistake unknowingly so we left unnoticed . While we are first interacting with Employer then Resume will tell everything about you. So writing resume is key  to create a first impression on our Employer.I am going to explain about how much we have to focus on which segment..

1)Always prefer Descending order of your experience or education 

As while we went on to achieve in life then it became more focus and specific about our goal and our work.So always follow the descending order.It will directly show your latest work to Employer.This increase your chance of your getting noticed.

2) Be Specific about your current job requirement 

Its not good idea to generalize your work or using single format and data for every job.Each job need some specific requirement .So your focus and format should be current job . And do a little bit of change while sending resume to current job

Let a example if you worked on .Net for three year and one year on android.Now you are applying for an android developer job.So in this case your main focus should be on android(Achievement and work in android)

3)Never ignore your hobbies section

Its important enough to know your personal life overview.So be honest while you are writing your hobbies.Changing hobbies according to job is worse thing in resume.Write exactly what you do in your life.
Being honest will not cost you

4)Mention all skill in resume on which you can work if there is need you can work for organization

5)Keep something to tell in interview

I have face many times that interviewer ask me to tell something about me that is not mention in resume
So keep growing and wish you all a great career
for complete resume you can see Best Sample of Resume


  1. When I finish my Resume, I surely send you a PNG of it, for a demo... (in Progress)

  2. Those are very good tips to follow for a excellent resume. Never ever take resume for granted. It's very fist step to a good future. Resume writer Calgary can help you with it.


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