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Saturday 4 February 2012

Action List

Action List In android

A string naming the action to be performed — or, in the case of broadcast intents, the action that took place and is being reported. The Intent class defines a number of action constants, including these:
ConstantTarget componentAction
ACTION_CALLactivityInitiate a phone call.
ACTION_EDITactivityDisplay data for the user to edit.
ACTION_MAINactivityStart up as the initial activity of a task, with no data input and no returned output.
ACTION_SYNCactivitySynchronize data on a server with data on the mobile device.
ACTION_BATTERY_LOWbroadcast receiverA warning that the battery is low.
ACTION_HEADSET_PLUGbroadcast receiverA headset has been plugged into the device, or unplugged from it.
ACTION_SCREEN_ONbroadcast receiverThe screen has been turned on.
ACTION_TIMEZONE_CHANGEDbroadcast receiverThe setting for the time zone has changed.

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