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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Best file transfer protocol : Which to use among SMB, Socket (TCP/UDP) and FTP?

I had gone through the requirement of file transfer using peer to peer in a same network. I tried the case of server and client too because I had not any issue to run server script (in case of Socket Connection). Main purpose was to attain maximum transfer speed of data. So I tried with three most popular protocols for file transfers which are –
  • SMB – Server Message Protocols known also as sambha file sharing
  • Socket- Work on the base of client server concept
  • FTP- File transfer protocol

Comparison for performance –

Max Speed
1.3 GB
5 Meter
16 Min
1.3 MB/S
0.7 GB
5 Meter
25 Min
0.5 MB/S
1.3 GB
5 Meter
14 Min
1.6 MB/S

Notable Point about file transfer protocols –

  • Socket – Server scripting required for file transfer. This connection cannot be named as peer to peer
  • SMB – No scripting required for file transfer. It can read any file structure of peer computer
  • FTP FileZilla can do the trick for file transfer. No Server script required

Term and Condition – These all testing has been done between an android and a low configuration desktop (Windows 7). Both were connected to one dedicated wifi local network

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