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Friday, 19 May 2017

Another milestone for android – Reach 2 Billion monthly active android devices

When Google started android in early 2007, it was before Android, before iOS. Mobile was still niche. And while many of us had a sense that mobile was going to be big, we were not sure we really realized just how big it was going to get. Fast forward to today, and there be now 2 billion monthly active Android devices globally. 

This is an extraordinarily humbling milestone—and it’s the largest reach of any computing platform of its kind. Today at Google I/O, Google celebrated that milestone and showcased a number of ways Google working to make Android even more useful, including a beta release of Android O and a new initiative to help bring Android to the next billion users.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 the best innovative phone in near future

Samsung is the standout performer for android O.S over the years. It’s not wrong to say that Samsung is carrying responsibility of making high end phone for android. Samsung is the only android OEM which compete with Apple on every front.

This time Samsung has again proven itself that why android is nothing without Samsung. Here are some exceptional feature which make Samsung S8, S8+ as best phone in near future

Stunning Infinity Display                              10/10

The Infinity Display sets a new standard for uninterrupted, immersive experiences. It enables an expanded screen size without necessitating a larger phone. So while the view is grander, Galaxy S8 and S8+ feel small in your hand, making them easy to hold and use.
Immerse yourself in a larger than ever screen that still fits comfortably in your hand. Galaxy S8 and S8+ break free from the confines of bezels, offering a smooth, uninterrupted surface that flows seamlessly over the edges. We achieved this by completely redesigning the phone from the inside out. And we have reinvented the home button, by placing it on the screen, where it stays hidden until you need it. So you get a bigger, unobstructed view without making the phone larger

Camera                                                        8/10

Camera comes with lots of great feature like focus on what matters, filtered moment, selfie moment. Night vision of camera is very nice. It have two mode pro and auto mode. In pro mode shutter speed, Exposure and White Balance can be customised to enhance photography experience.

Wireless Charging 

Wireless charging is another exciting feature. Even though it seems that you have to pay extra for this

Rest feature  

I don’t go into the race of upgrading Hardware (i.e. RAM, Internal Memory and processor) until software is not optimised to utilise all its resources. There are lots of phone which hung and turn slow even after having 3 GB or more RAM. Samsung has heating issue with all its previous phone. Heating issue is generally common in all phone because of steal body and compact design.

Samsung S8 is dust and water proof for 30 min which is quite long time.

I would suggest to go for it.
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