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Tuesday 3 December 2013

Showing pin radial progress bar during download android

This example is originally develop by Google Developer Roman Nurik and Nik Butcher. I lead to it more customization and make it easy to implement in android project.This Radial pin progress can be seen at Google play store in many project. This look very beautiful and classy.So lets develop it. Google developer create one custom class PinProgressButton which allows you some customization like color, theme according to your application.

PinProgressButton.Java which has attribute to customize it

   <declare-styleable name="PinProgressButton">  
     <attr name="pinned" format="boolean" />  
     <attr name="progress" format="integer" />  
     <attr name="max" format="integer" />  
     <attr name="circleColor" format="color" />  
     <attr name="progressColor" format="color" />  

Pinpoint Progress Bar

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