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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Date Time Picker in android

We know how simple is to create Date Picker Dialog and  Time Picker Dialog ! but so what about a situation where we  need to pick Time and Date both at once with all attributes e.g AM_PM, second, minute, Hour, Month, Year etc. We got stuck  right?

I have search a lot about this on Google but i did not find efficient and easy solution. So decide to write about this important concept. While you are developing any android application then you just copy one class from my sample project. and your work has done.

There are two simple step to understand what's going on in my project

1) Create object of CustomDateTimePicker with two argument Your Current activity context and one Call back listener so that when you select time and date, it will return result

2) CustomDateTimePicker has number of method to fulfill your custom requirement like---

* Pass Directly current time format it will return AM and PM if you set
* false

* Pass Directly current data and time to show when it pop up

Custom is instance of my CustomDateTimePicker .Except this , CustomDateTimePicker  has number of method. 

                       The Output of my sample project will be like these screen shot.

Date time Picker
Date And Time Picker

Selected Value

                                                              Download Source Code

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